Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Cristóbal de Morales: Asperges me (E-SAc LP 2)

Asperges me (SSATB) is one of the works recovered by musicologist Michael Noone in his study and recording about the Codex 25 of Toledo Cathedral.

There is another version of this work preserved in E-SAc LP 2 (Cathedral of Salamanca), unpublished until now, that presents slightly differences with the Toledo version (text underlay, some alterations not in Toledo source...). This E-SAc LP 2 version is now in Ars Subtilior Editions and can be downloaded for free.

Asperges me has been transposed a fourth down according to chiavettes. The first section, Asperges me, should be repeated when finished the last one (Gloria Patri).

MIDI preview

Score preview