Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Antonio Mortaro: Magnificat Primi toni

Very little is known about Antonio Mortaro (fl. 1587-1610). In the booklet of the recording Primo libro de Canzoni the dates 1560-1619 are proposed.

Messa, salmi, motetti et Magnificat a tre chori is a collection of works by Antonio Mortaro  for 12 voices in three choirs. It was published in Milan in 1599. Its contents could fit the celebration of a Office of Vespers and is one of the precursors of Monteverdi´s Vespro della Beata Vergine (1610):

1. Messa Erano i capei d'oro
2. Deus in adjutorium
3. Dixit Dominus
4. Laudate pueri
5. Laetatus sum
6. Nisi Dominus
7. Lauda Jerusalem
8. Confitebor
9. Beatus vir
10. Laudate Dominum
11. Cantemus Domino
12. Gaudeamus
13. Incipite Domino
14. Stabunt justi
15. Magnificat Primi toni
16. Magnificat Tirsi io mi parto à Dio

(Further information about the front cover can be found on the foreword of the score)


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