Monday, 3 September 2012

Nicolas Gombert: Magnificats

The eight Magnificats (published with the title Canticum Beatae Mariae Virginis) by Nicolas Gombert are one of the milestones of Renaissance Music. Their incredible sound due to the amazing dissonances suggested by the application of Musica ficta, and their intricate counterpoint are the main reasons to consider that. They are also among the longest settings of the Magnificat text in all the Renaissance period.

I considered that a new edition of these masterworks was needed in order to correct some mistakes (like misunderstandings of triplets signs) of the previous one (published by Joseph Schmidt Gorg in CMM in 1957) and above all, to contribute to make these wonderful Magnificats as widely known as they deserve.

MIDI of the Magnificat Quarti toni:

Samples of the eight Magnificats can be viewed in our catalogue

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