Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sebastián de Vivanco: Motets from E-SAc LP 1

The Manuscript E-SAc LP 1 contains 38 motets and other works by Sebastián de Vivanco (c. 1551-1622). It was copied around 1602, 8 years before the publication of Vivanco's printed motets edition (Artus Taberniel, Salamanca, 1610).

Few unica motets in this source have been published (Assumpta est Maria or Crux fidelis), but most of them were unknown until now as they were thought to be the same as the ones in the 1610 printed edition. However, the motets in the manuscript source are completely different from the printed ones.

The motet O, rex gloriae is one example of that. Scored for six voices (SSATTB) in E-SAc  LP 1, its dense contrapuntistic style make it totally different from the printed version, a polychoral setting with two choirs in constant dialogue with more homophony than counterpoint.

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