Saturday, 22 September 2012

Alonso de Tejeda: Caecus quidam sedebat

I am glad to announce the start of our edition of the Liber sacrarum cantionum by Alonso de Tejeda (c. 1540-1628).

Alonso de Tejeda was born in Zamora (Spain) around 1540. He was maestro de capilla in several cathedrals of different Spanish cities: Calahorra (1572-1581), Ciudad Rodrigo (1581-1591), León (1591-1592), Salamanca (1593-1601), Zamora (1601-1604), Toledo (1604-1617), Zamora (second time, 1606), Burgos (after a short retirement, 1618-1623) and finally Zamora (1623 until his death in 1628).

We know that Tejeda composed Magnificats and Masses, but most of his works are now lost. The main 
extant sources of his music are the motets books kept in Zamora Cathedral. The three books were bound in one single choirbook with 81 motets (some of them partially destroyed because some pages were torn) under the following title:

Liber (primus/secundus/tertius) sacrarum cantionum 
(quatuor vocum/quinque vocum/sex vocum et octo) 
moteta vocant Alfonsus de Texeda

The Liber primus (4vv) and secundus (5vv) were edited and published in the 70s by  Dionisio Preciado, and the polychoral motets in Liber tertius by Alejandro Luis Iglesias. However, due to the difficulties to purchase these editions, we plan to publish all the 81 motets by Tejeda, beginning with the unpublished motets of the Liber tertius (6-8vv).

Caecus quidam sedebat (SSAATB) is the first motet of the Liber tertius. Its text, taken from Luke 18:35-43 and Mark 10:46-52, deals with the healing of a  the blind man in Jericho:

Caecus quidam sedebat in via, et praeteriens Jesus.
Dixit ad illum: quid tibi vis faciam? Domine, ut videam.
Et Jesus dixit illi: respice, fides tua te salvum fecit.
Et sequebatur illum, magnificans Deum.

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