Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sebastián de Vivanco: Missa Super octo tonos

The Missa Super octo tonos (SATB) is one of the greatest achievements by Sebastián de Vivanco (c. 1551-1622). A cantus firmus settled on the eight Renaissance tones appear along all the mass.

The Sanctus is one impressive tour de force typical of Vivanco. The first Hosanna suddenly changes from four to eight voices (SSSAATTB), featuring a double canon in secunda (canon at the second) and the Tenor I singing five times the ostinato motif in different tones (one step higher each time).

On the contrary, the Agnus Dei is scored for five voices (SAATB). It continues the ostinato serie of the Sanctus, this time in the Altus II. The ostinato is repeated five times with very long values, descending one step each time.

MIDI preview (Sanctus)