Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Jacquet de Mantua: Missa La sol fa re mi

The Missa La sol fa re mi by Jacquet de Mantua (c. 1483-1559) is a homage paid to the homonymous Mass composed by Josquin. It is set for five voices (SATTB) and unlike the Josquin’s Mass where the La sol fa re mi motif  (A B F D E) travels around all the voices, here Jacquet places the motif mainly as a cantus firmus ostinato in the Tenor I.

The Missa La sol fa re mi is copied in two choirbooks in Treviso Cathedral, the Codice 9 (I-TVd 9) and the Codice 23 (I-TVd 23). The two versions are slightly different in embellishments, text underlay, note durations, accidentals and so on, so this edition offers both separately.


MIDI playback (I-TVd 9 version, Kyrie)