Tuesday, 17 February 2015

'New' works by Victoria in Toledo cathedral choirbook E-Tc 30

The Toledo cathedral choirbook 30 (E-Tc 30) copied by the Vatican scribe Johannes Parvus contains eleven 'reworked' works (3 masses, 6 magnificats, 1 antiphon and 1 psalm) from the 1576 Liber primus. It is not yet clear whether the E-Tc 30 versions were previous or later than the printed ones, but there are a lot of changes that make the E-Tc 30 works rather different.

As an example of major changes, Victoria increases the number of voices from 5vv to 6vv in the E-Tc 30 versions of the Hosanna of the Missa De beata Maria and the Sicut erat of the Magnificat Quarti toni (even verses). The E-Tc 30 Salve regina (8vv) has a si placet Et Jesum for 4vv.

We are very proud to announce the publication of the complete edition of the E-Tc 30 forthcoming in March 2015.

Toledo cathedral choirbook E-Tc 30 (complete edition)
Works by Tomás Luis de Victoria (c. 1548-1611):

1. Missa Ave maris stella (E-Tc 30 version) (SATB/SATTB)
2. Missa De beata Maria (E-Tc 30 version) (SATTB/SSAATTB)
3. Missa Gaudeamus (E-Tc 30 version) (SSAATTB/SSAATTB)
4. Magnificat Primi toni (odd verses) (E-Tc 30 version) (SATB)
5. Magnificat Primi toni (even verses) (E-Tc 30 version) (SATB/SAATTB)
6. Magnificat  Quarti toni (odd verses) (E-Tc 30 version) (SATB)
7. Magnificat Quarti toni (even verses) (E-Tc 30 version) (SATB/SAATBB)
8. Magnificat Octavi toni (odd verses) (E-Tc 30 version) (SATB/SSAATB)
9. Magnificat Octavi toni (even verses) (E-Tc 30 version) (SATB/SSATTB)
10. Nisi Dominus (E-Tc 30 version) (SATB+SATB)
11. Salve regina (E-Tc 30 version) (SSAT+SATB)

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