Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Pierre Moulu (b. 1484-c. 1550): Missa Stephane gloriose (=Missa de Sancto Stephano)

As it is read in the source, the Agnus II of the Missa Stephane gloriose (or Missa de Sancto Stephanocan be performed as a Superius-Altus duo, as a trio (Superius-Altus-Bassus) or with the four voices (reading a canon In diapente in the Bassus)

As Willem Elders pointed out, the canon in the Agnus III has a symbolic meaning: In Stephanum jactus lapis ut descendit ab alto. Hic gradibus sensus canon ad yma ruit (“As the stone that was thrown at Stephen came down from high, so this canon-part rushes down by degrees until the end”).
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