Ars Subtilior Editions is an online publishing house created by musicologist Jorge Martín, devoted to unpublished and little known Renaissance and Early Baroque music.
All the scores published and sold in Ars Subtilior are directly transcribed from the original sources, with both a maximum respect to the sources and adaptation to modern notation to make performance and reading easier. Our scores are registered with their own ISMN (International Standard Music Number) numbers.

There are many advantages of Ars Subtilior over traditional press: 
  • Instant ship: Because we have recently moved our shop to Payhip, shopping in Ars Subtilior Editions is now easier and quicker. Once you pay securely by Paypal, your scores can be downloaded immediately. You will receive also by e-mail the download link in case you want to download the scores afterwards.
  • Low prices: we can keep the lowest prices as the scores are in PDF format.  Please note that our editions are under copyright and they are licensed only for personal use (private study and research). If you want to use them for public performances, recordings or any commercial use please contact us.
  • Free updates: when you purchase a score you will also get right to obtain all the future updates. The updated scores will be sent to your e-mail for free as soon as they are published.
  • First page samples and audio playbacks: previews of almost all the scores are available, (at least the first page), and you will also be able to listen an audio playback in MIDI format of some items.
  • New scores monthly: Feel free to suscribe or follow our news in our page or via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or mail by clicking on the icons in the right column of the page. 
  • Custom scores on demand: you can customize your purchase by ordering transposed scores, individual parts, changing size of systems... If you want to customize your score please contact us
  • Free scores: we offer a collection of scores that can be downloaded for free.
Ars Subtilior Editions is a dream, a result of years of passionate studies and travels searching for "new music". It is also a desire of sharing hundreds of neglected works. We hope you enjoy this amazing music as much as we do.